About 7 Studio

We are creative architects, innovators, and quick problem-solvers committed to provide customers with exceptional services. 

Our company was founded in 1997 by two like-minded brothers, Tom and Jeremy Wilson, who have a shared passion for creating new modern spaces for the local community.

We have more than 20 years of experience in designing award-winning projects throughout the country. We use the local environmentally friendly materials of the highest quality while creating spaces for educational, healthcare, commercial, industrial, government, entertainment, and other facilities. Feel free to hire us for your next project!

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Our Approach

We believe in good design

The highest quality design of any of our architecture projects is our first priority. Our passion for quality drives us to create innovative, unique, and more functional spaces which change the environment we live in. As a New York-based architecture studio, it is our mission to provide clients with excellent design solutions for any project. As a result, they get award-winning architecture. We are proud of our professional teams committed to meeting individual clients' needs, requirements, and budgets. We strive to break down the boundaries of standards and to use innovative and complex design opportunities, which means that good design is good business.


  • Quantum CEO & our partners
  • Quantum CEO & our partners
  • Quantum CEO & our partners
  • Quantum CEO & our partners


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